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Tip Top Text Reader 2.0

A free and efficient text-to-speech application to help you read any text
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Tip Top Text Reader is an open-source text-to-speech application that may help you read and understand texts that you could not access otherwise. This simple tool will read out loud any text you select, being certainly a very helpful aid not only for blind and visually impaired persons, but for dyslexic persons, too, as the text is highlighted while read.

However, you do not need to have a disability to enjoy Tip Top Text Reader. Anybody can use this free tool to give their eyes a break after a long reading period. You can select any synthetic voice installed in your system, and the way the text appears on the program’s interface and the way it is highlighted can be fully customized to fit your specific reading needs. Thus, fonts can be zoomed in and enlarged for those with residual sight, and both the color of the text and of the background can be changed to meet your favorite contrast combination. The Reader Display settings dialog will let you apply two different color combinations – one for the reading page when loaded, and another one for the appearance of highlighted text while being read.

As for the reader’s voice, this can be changed at any time, selecting your favorite male or female voice among those available in your system. The output quality can also be customized, from 8 to 48 kHz, in either mono or stereo.

Finally, Tip Top Text Reader allows you to define up to three key combinations or hot keys to trigger the reading of a given text.

There are many other text-to-speech tools out there for you to choose from – some are more sophisticated, others have much more functionality, but you will not find many that combine flexibility and usability at the same degree as Tip Top’s reader does.

Francisco Martínez
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